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The ‘main stage’ at BNP Paribus welcomes Mama Gina and Chef Frederic to the center of it all

Stadium 1, the ‘main stage’ and center of it all welcomes Ristorante Mama Gina for the first time!  Chef Frederic assists the Mamma Gina team in opening their premiere BNP Paribus Open “pop-Up”. Patrons enjoyed world-class dining while watching tennis with unprecedented views of Stadium 1.  Mamma Gina has been a landmark in Florentine cuisine [...]

The ‘main stage’ at BNP Paribus welcomes Mama Gina and Chef Frederic to the center of it all2022-05-08T10:02:39-07:00

Frenchmen Gather, Tastebuds and patrons applaud!

Chef Frederic had the honor of assisting Cafe De Beaux-Arts owner Didier Bloch and Guest Chef Thierry Barot for the very special: “Culinary Adventure of St. Tropez”. When owner, Didier Bloch spends his vacation in St. Tropez, one of his favorite restaurants is La Grange des Agapes. During a discussion with chef-owner, Thierry Barot, they [...]

Frenchmen Gather, Tastebuds and patrons applaud!2022-01-08T07:04:43-08:00

Chef Frederic: Larger Than Life

What do you do when a well-known chef changes venues and you want to tell your patrons?  A billboard, of course! For a long minute, this effective tactic brought many an old friend, guest, or northern traveler by to visit Chef at the brasserie!

Chef Frederic: Larger Than Life2022-01-07T10:22:31-08:00

Croque Tartine Parisienne (Egg-Topped Ham and Cheese Sandwich)

A simple and satisfying dish where a fried egg crowns a decadent sandwich of ham enrobed in béchamel and melted cheese. Prep. Time:  30 minutes Ingredients to serve 4 6 tbsp. unsalted butter 4 tbsp. flour 1 cup milk 5 1 ⁄ 2 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1 ⁄ 4 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg 8 (1/4"-thick) [...]

Croque Tartine Parisienne (Egg-Topped Ham and Cheese Sandwich)2020-03-29T19:59:16-07:00

Gratin Douphinois

Creamy, comforting and full of flavor. This is one of my comfort foods. Prep. Time:  30 Minutes Ingredients to serve 6 ¼ C Butter, Soft 6-8 Desirée (red skin) Potatoes, depending on size 1 ¼ C Whole Milk 1 1/3 C Heavy Cream 2 small or 1 large Garlic Clove(s), Peeled and halved 2 sprigs [...]

Gratin Douphinois2020-03-29T19:59:17-07:00

Velouté de Châtaignes (Creamy Chestnut Soup)

A wonderful Holiday Dish, yes, but earthy roasted chestnuts make a wonderful and hearty soup all fall and winter. Prep. Time:  2 Hours if including ‘chill’ time for blending. Best made 1 day ahead for flavors to cultivate together. Ingredients to serve 6 4 slices bacon, roughly chopped 2 tbsp. unsalted butter 1 large shallot, [...]

Velouté de Châtaignes (Creamy Chestnut Soup)2020-03-29T19:59:17-07:00

My Wife’s Famous Coconut Cake

This Coconut Cake is one of the best cakes I’ve ever had and my wife makes it! It's light and fluffy, it's brimming with sweet coconut flavor and it's finished with a rich and creamy frosting. Prep. Time:  30 Minutes Ingredients: Coconut oil – Firm, in a jar 3 cups cake flour 1 Tbsp. baking [...]

My Wife’s Famous Coconut Cake2020-03-29T19:59:17-07:00

SnowChef: Chef Frederic Pierrel

Chef Frederic is classically French trained with a flair for blending regional and global influences. "I like to deliver what pleases my guests..." Read more about Chef Frederic as the SnowChef asks him what we all would like to know!  

SnowChef: Chef Frederic Pierrel2020-03-29T19:59:17-07:00

Salmon Rillettes

Made with smoked and cooked fish for textural contrast, I first enjoyed this dish in New Orleans, and then personalized it for my taste. Pack into jars 1-3 days before serving to improve boning and flavour. Prep. Time: 1 Hour Ingredients to serve 6 2 scallions, white and light green parts minced (1/4 cup), dark [...]

Salmon Rillettes2020-03-29T19:59:17-07:00
Chef Frederic Pierrel