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Cow Girl Creamery2017-08-30T19:28:35-07:00

This regionally hand-made cheese is produced with as much care as my beloved French cheese.  The cheeses they produce are consistently the best around.  You can easily get them in the grocery or specialty shops and I highly recommend these above other brands of similar cheese types.

Cow Girl Creamery – https://www.cowgirlcreamery.com/wholesale


Mushroom Foraging
Mushroom foraging – A late summer and Fall culinarians delight! You can forage on your own, as I do.  I am a fanatic, scouring the woods almost daily in the season.  I have studied the mushrooms my entire life.  In our region, cep’s are prevalent.  A meaty and large mushroom from the Boletus family. I recommend you read up on the types and even then it can be tricky to define a good from a bad.  Seek out an expert to help you identify the mushroom type!  Or make an adventure of it and take a guided tour – you can google several globally – but one I have hear is good is during the Mendocino Mushroom Wine and Beer Festival  the first weekend in November each year – sign up for the tour!

Dandelion foraging – A Springtime must! You don’t have to venture far for this wonderful weed that makes a tasty and antioxidant full salad!

The recipe is in my first cookbook: Chef Frederic’s Best

Eric Goossens Belgium Chocolates2017-08-30T14:19:17-07:00

Eric is a friend and is one of the best creative talents who puts a beautifully artful and modern spin on his delicious chocolates. Traditionally crafted – these are a delight not to miss.


A Cheap Asian knife – Seriously2017-08-30T14:15:49-07:00

Lighter and more flexible than western knives and ideal for chopping delicate ingredients. Models found in any metropolis’ China town or Korea town have many and they are affordable! They sharpen well and the best part – when you lose it or sharpen it past using – they are extremely affordable to replace!

Bacon – If you cannot make it yourself2017-08-30T14:15:25-07:00

If you cannot make it yourself, then Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club

“I’m a big fan of my wife’s maple/pepper bacon. She skewers thick smoked bacon strips with a 6″ skewer, twisting it so it curls around it several times… then she spreads a maple syrup and pepper mixture on bacon and slow bakes it at 325degrees until done. Then she lets it sit for more than 6 hours to “crisp”. Great as a Bloody Mary stir stick or accoutrements or on their own at a brunch. But if you do not have the time or patience – Zingerman’s is a great site for this and many other great gift idea’s – including for yourself!

Roederer Estate NV Brut2017-08-24T12:03:35-07:00

Sparkling wine from Anderson Valley, Mendocino, California

I know of no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of bubbly, and this is a great one! It will tickle your palate and not offend your wallet.

Known as the California outpost of Champagne Louis Roederer; Roederer Estate winery builds upon a centuries-old tradition of fine winemaking. This sparkling wine and its siblings are produced using only Estate-grown grapes from the winery’s own vineyards. Carrying on the tradition of Champagne Louis Roederer in France, special oak-aged reserve wines are added to each blend.

Sold at many discerning shops and restaurants. For the industry: Imported by Maisons, Marques and Domaines

Santa Monica seafood2017-08-30T14:46:10-07:00

Santa Monica seafood – This wholesale vendor also serves the public. I use them commercially, an highly recommend them to you with 2 locations in Santa Monica and Costa Mesa – a fabulous fish market and café.


Vanilla from Tahiti2017-08-22T07:25:57-07:00

They have a flavorful and well balanced product and are a great value for commercial and retail purchases. As a restauranteur, I find that the professionalism, timing of delivery and pricing commercially are very easy to work with. I highly recommend this vanilla.

My go-to vanilla purveyor is www.vanillafromtahiti.com.

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