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Executive Chef Frederic Pierrel

Chef Frederic Pierrel was born in the Alsace region of France and graduated with honors from Lycée Hôtelier et Culinairer in Gerardmer, France. He learned of the terroir philosophy from his father. They ventured to local markets to create menus for the day with food of the region and local vendors, using what was fresh and in the moment. From Dandelion foraging in spring to mushroom hunting in the summer and fall, Chef Frederic is focused on incorporating seasonal ingredients with unique flavors to create his dishes.

Restaurant in Palm Springs

A Blend of Style

While classically trained in French cuisine, Chef Frederic’s passion for all people and cultures has taken him worldwide to share and learn about varying styles and flavors. His cuisine often highlights traditional style with neo-classic trends and regional influences from his native Alsace, his home in California for 20+ years and around the globe.  His travels and international experiences of flavors and can be found throughout his menus.

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The Man

Frederic Pierrel

has a deep passion for celebrating life by sharing a meal with friends

The Vision

The New Foodie

I hope to inspire and nourish not just bodies, but hearts, minds, and souls with my food.

The Food

A blend of style

Mixing Heritage food with vibrant cultural flavors


I am lucky to spend my days creating in the kitchen and then sharing my fascinating food-filled life with you! I truly believe that every meal is a celebration and hope the delight of creating spectacular offerings for family and friends is contagious.

People, society and cultures are not static. They change and cuisine changes along with it.  I am delighted that science along with the bending of global and ethnic flavours have enhanced the industry touchstones and influenced techniques and products. It is so fun to morph a classic or ‘mother sauce’ like béchamel with a trending flavor and use it in a progressive dish.

I am excited to share experiences with you. Food, at the most basic level is about people. I find using simple flavors that our guests can relate to, delivered with consistency, is a winning combination.


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Chef Frederic Pierrel Mammoth California

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